GP XSS 1440 - Emergency Response Solar Pump Purification System

GP XSS 1440 Specification Sheet GP XSS 1440 Specification Sheet (280 KB)


The GP XSS 1440 utilizes a SOLAR power system with a backup manual hand pump and is engineered to provide microbiologic safe drinking water from any type of fresh water source (stream, lake, pond, well and/or cistern). The GP XSS 1440 provides clean portable water in remote locations, disaster relief areas, and humanitarian assistance missions using a small compact portable unit. 

The system can produce up to 5,450 liters per day (1440 gallons) or 3.78 lpm (1.0 gpm per minute) with as little as 3 psi of water pressure. The unique design weighs only 58 kgs wet, and can be easily transported by two people. Great for environments where the water quality is unknown or in question. Third party independent lab testing has verified the system for bacteria reduction based on EPA Clean Drinking Water standards. 

The portable GP XSS 1440 is the first of its kind - a complete 8 stage water treatment system to provide safe clean drinking water. All water components are housed within a protective and durable high density polyethylene case. 


Disaster Relief 

Supply large volumes of safe, potable drinking water during or after a disaster. Have the best and easiest to maintain tool available when it comes to emergency water purification or water treatment systems designed for disaster response. Currently deployed in Haiti and S. Sudan. 

Remote Industry 

On-site water treatment using the GP XS 720 can save a 300 person remote camp over $100,000 per year when compared to bottled water. Reduce the complexity of your supply chain, meet health and safety regulations and reduce your environmental impact. 

Military Theatre 

Provide potable drinking water on exercise or deployement. Bottled water is not always available, and if it is, the logistics of moving, handling and supplying the volumes required can be an overwhelming challenge. 

Adventure Tours 

Provide clean safe drinking water to your clients, and provide emergency response capability. 

Backcountry Trips 

Supply backcountry trips from most any creek, stream, pond, well, lake or fresh water source. 

Missions and Relief Agencies 

Support missions, NGOs, and hummanitarian programs and agencies with clean potable water without the need for power. 


The system is maintaned by an easy to understand manual backwashing feature, internal disinfection procedure, and simple filter replacements. Maintenance is required when there is a reduced flow of potable water. Water will stop flowing when potable water is not available. Each backwashing procedure can be accomplished in one minute. Disinfection of system can be accomplished in five minutes without the need of external power, equipment, or materials. User manual included. 


(1) GP XSS 1440 Solar Powered Water Filtration Unit and Parts 

(1) 80 W foldable solar panel and wiring 

(1) Spare Parts Kit 

(1) Filter Replacement Kit #01 

(1) Chlorine tablet (.97 grams) bottle (279 tablets) 

(1) User Manual 


Filter life is dependent on turbidity and quantity of water produced on a daily basis. Turbidity chart is included in the manual. Our filter replacement program is designed to handle various water turbuidities and provide potable water for at least 180 days. 

#01 - Low turbidity water 

#02 - Medium turbidity water 

#03 - High turbidity water 


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